“International Project Management Week”, SIG&P

From September 1stto 9th, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro/ RJ, Brazil

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The International Project Management Week (Semana Internacional de Gestão e Projetos, in Portuguese) organized by IPMA Brazil, is a unique event in Latin America. The International Project Management Association (IPMA) competencies approach aims at integrating people, business and management techniques to improve the chances of project success. And such an approach is exactly what sets it apart from other similar initiatives.

This more systemic understanding of problems and opportunities seeks to balance the technical, behavioral, and contextual skills to achieve goals, rather than privileging the simple choice of which tools to use. Thus, the medium where organizations and people manifest themselves – cities, regions, places – must be considered. In our current dynamic and complex environment, technology and innovation blend in people’s everyday lives, in a web in which public and private sectors coexist in an increasingly symbiotic way, influencing the way we work and live together as citizens.

Thus, it is essential that project managers understand each project as a complex accommodation of interests, and consequently of requirements, to address an organization’s strategy, taking into account how management issues and the environment in which we live intertwine, impacting its productivity and the quality of life of the people involved.

Startups, fintechs, crypto-coins, how does it all fit into this complex scenario? How to discuss innovation projects’ life cycles, in a world where open innovation is increasingly present? How to work in collaborative competition with other organizations?

This holistic vision, represented by the IPMA’s Eye of Competence, aims at results not only for the organization, but for individuals and the society as well. And this is the motto of this unparalleled week, in which managers of this new reality will participate in a series of events, with people who are making things happen right now and/ or have been doing so for a long time, such as Willian Duncan, author of the PMBOK® Guide, and Darci Prado, the most renowned specialist in Project Management in Brazil. We will also have IPMA Global PresidentJesus Almela, IPMA Council ChairpersonReinhard Wagner and IPMA Executive DirectorAmin Saidoun.

It is also the opportunity to earn a certificate from abroad, from one of the oldest (founded in 1170) and most respected institutions in the world, the Université de Paris. This was only possible thanks to the partnership with the International Institute of Education – IIE Global.

Find below the summary and sequence of events, in this week specially designed for entrepreneurs, managers, decision-makers from public and private institutions, professionals and students committed to creating a better world for themselves and for others:

On September 1stand 2nd, in partnership with FrameWork Gestão e Projetos, the Project Thinking workshopwill take place. This innovative workshop offers a unique experience for professionals who want to experience Design Thinking applied to Project Management and then to use it in their organizations.

On September 3rdand 4th, the IPMA Research Conference, IPMA’s global and annual scientific event addressing the most relevant project management topics, will bring light to the theme of corporate projectification. The results of the investigations presented will show how project management influences and is influenced by the constant change in our consumption patterns, work relationships and how this affects results, both in private and public management. Entries from more than 20 different countries will provide a high-level scientific debate arena. The IPMA Research Conferencewill be based at IBMEC, one of the best educational institutions in Latin America.

Also, on September 3rdand 4th, IDGP, the first Institute in the Americas to be recognized as IPMA Registration Program Educational Provider, since 2012, and the only one in Brazil to use IPMA’s competency approach, will offer two special workshops. On September 3rd, the ENIGMA challenge will teach participants to understand a project’s environment in a way never before imagined! Focusing on contextual and behavioral skills, participants will learn how to deal with organizational and relationship issues at work, in a really different way. On September 4th, Tower Workshop will address the links between the technical tools and the desired results! The whole life cycle of a project will be experienced by means of an electrifying simulation, in which, in the end, one team will win!

On September 5thand 6th, the IPMA Brazil International Professional Conference: Project Management, Innovation and Smart Citieswill discuss themes relevant to those looking for a better future, whether opening new businesses or implementing change of all kinds, such as launching new products and services, new business units, new ways of understanding and living in cities, new ways of getting things done.

Finally, from September 7thto 9th, in the IPMA global meeting in Brazil, delegates from more than 70 member countries will be in Rio de Janeiro discussing trends and directions of Project Management in the world, in a closed meeting. The fact that Brazil was chosen to host this meeting, which happens for the first time in South America, contributes to consolidate Brazil’s maturity and relevance in the global scenario of professionalism and competence in Project Management.

Founded in 1965, IPMA was the first project management association in the world, having nowadays more than 70 member countries and 300,000 certified professionals globally. In the Americas, IPMA Brazil was the first member association, having been founded in 2004, under the initial name of ABGP.

The SIG&P participants will have all this collective competence at their disposal to increase the probability of achieving the desired results in their projects, mobilizing and articulating resources and skills for success!

Find more information and application instructions (in Portuguese) visiting: Semana Internacional de Gestão e Projetos

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